Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh look. I'm being self referential about my self referential titles. How precocious.

New Slogans for the Soup Industry

Woo hoo! Look at me! I'm food blogging!

SOUP - because if it's not soup, you're chewing too much.

Enjoy your meal with the safest utensil. Enjoy SOUP.

It's what other meals eventually become.
SOUP: the final food form.

Rehydrate with SOUP!

SOUP: it's like a bowl full of mom.

You can't blow bubbles in a hamburger.
SOUP: it's more fun than hamburgers.

The meat's never too dry when the meat's in SOUP.

Enjoyed with head colds and broken jaws.
SOUP - nature's most loyal food.

Monkeys eat with their hands.
SOUP: you can't eat it with your hands.

SOUP: everything all at once, in every mouthful.


Shrinky said...

Yeaaaaaaah, I'm with you, girl! You forgot to add, it's also a great use for all that spongy, decomposing stuff about to grow mould, in the bottom shelf of our fridge..

Nicky said...

I can't believe you've totally sold out your integrity by becoming a food blogger. The next thing you know you'll be blogging about cats... oh wait... um... nevermind.

Buckeroomama said...

Brilliant! Where do you come up with these?

nick said...

You've converted me! I'm off to buy six months' supply. And don't forget: SOUP - ideal for those without any teeth.

Brian Miller said...

heck yeah, chewing sounds like work you know....this is def funny...

mythopolis said...

I think this post is simply souper! Yours truly, Souperman.

Twisted Susan said...

Thus far you're a f*cking awesome food blogger.

Eva Gallant said...

I love I have more reason to than ever!

Antares Cryptos said...

First you disappear for years, then you post every two hours.

Don't like soup.

Deborah said...

You've found another vocation! lol :o)

Rita said...

Love soups!! Endless varieties to pick from. I never thought about how monkeys can't eat soup with their hands. I imagine they'd just drink it from the bowl. ;)

StarTraci said...

Love it! The first is my favorite -- "chewing too much!" HAHA!

Happy Sunday!


linlah said...

Not so much a food blogger but more having sold out to the man to write advertising slogans.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Hmm, it's going to take more than those slogans to sell me on eating mostly soup.

Myrna R. said...

Now that you're doing this, I'll never watch the food network again.
However, I really hate soup.

Jenners said...

You are an advertising genius! I think the spoon industry could do a tie in!

Rob K said...

This is great! These are way better than Campbell's old "Soup is good food" line.

injaynesworld said...

Well, shit... Now I'm just hungry.

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