Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This title was writed all by me.

My blog looks like someone who didn't know the first thing about image sizing or complimentary colour schemes messed around with the template code.

Now why on earth do you suppose that could be?

I don't care. I made a computer do something. This is epic. I'm empowered. There's no telling what I could do next, but the dvd player better get ready for some hot and heavy programming action. That's right, baby - you're going to know what time it is when I'm through with you, and it ain't 12:00!

Well I suppose it could be. I don't even know what time I'm going to get started, let alone finished. There is a chance it could be 12:00, sure. It's only 9:30 now, but it really isn't that big a priority so I doubt I'm going to get to it right away.

Who am I kidding? That's not getting done.

But still! It could! I have a slightly higher level of competence than I previously gave myself credit for. Why, the possibilities are slightly less far away from being endless now.

You know, the only reason I started a blog in the first place was just to play with the templates? For most people that would be an indication of aptitude in the area of html programming. For me it was an indication of my ability to be distracted by pretty colours. Never really progressed beyond that.

So okay no, my colours don't really match and things aren't really centered very well and if you blink too enthusiastically while looking at it you might experience a sudden onset of vertigo and slight loss of stomach content, but a lot of skill went into customizing my blog template. It goes without saying by now that none of that skill was mine. Credit for the design disaster, yes. Mine all mine. Credit for the skill required to showcase that disaster?

That credit goes to the magnificent, erudite wonderbug, who actually managed to write a post about blog customization using language so clear that even I could understand it. Seriously, with high tech-to-toddlerese translation skills that fierce we'd have Starbucks in Alpha Centauri if this person worked for SETI.

Thank you wonderbug!


Tamara said...

This comment was writed all by ME ;-)

Fire Byrd said...

The juxtaposition of the colours arranged in a pattern with the animal images are just divine. The ethereal qualities displayed play on ones sense to perfection. The miasma of patterns, delights.....

OK enough already, before I'm sick with pretentious words!
Clever you

Gaston Studio said...

Woohoo, I'm off to see what wonderbug is all about 'cause I could definitely use some help, as long as it's in plain English and not html!

IB said...

I think it's real purty. Kinda bizzaro too but still, real purty.

Brian Miller said...

whats in the middle of the ring of flowers?

Brndoutw8ress said...

thanks for the heads up about that wonderbug thing, I don't have the first clue on how to dazzle up my blog but I'd really like to. For now I'm stuck with the boring template, I can't even get my title to be centered, complete computer illiterate here. I love your layout by the way, great job.

tattytiara said...

That would be a moo cow, brian, albeit a far from literal interpretation of one.

Krimmyk said...

I had a sudden urge for a steak after reading this blog. Kudos to you for being all sly and messing with templates! Someday I will sit down and design my own. Till then my cheap self will continue to hijack free ones via the net. I will have to check out wonderbugs blog STAT! Now that you are all computer savvy and stuff come and do my computer labs for class, they are giving me kittens. See Excel and I don't get along unless I use short cuts. Instructor won't let me. And we all know how well I am with following directions...

cabin + cub said...

Cute background... and no vertigo over here yet!
Will keep you posted if I smell burnt toast. ;)

trousers said...

I think that the image of the cow threatens to undermine the formal constraints of the graphics of the blog header in an exciting way, whilst also suggesting a quintessential urbanity that...

oh, I see Firebyrd got there first :)

But this is great - the blog looks bright and playful, and so do the words upon it.

blognut said...

I happen to love your new look.

Dark colors help hide big butts, too. Not that you have one.

And if you did, I wouldn't know it.

Sarah said...

Well I am always a fan of the "pattern" because it disguises stains---unless you happen to walk under a black light then all deals are off.

Not sure how you found my blog, but I like what I'm seeing here....considered yourself followed!

Zhoen said...

I have a friend who I highly suspect does blogs only to play with html. She customized mine years ago. But then she had a baby, and all her blogs languish, and I would like mine updated, and, well, that's all really.


Jason, as himself said...

Congratulations on making your computer do something! That's a very big deal for some.

Thanks for stopping by The Jason Show today! I'll see you around!

Ron said...

Funny...because when I first started blogging it was to write, but soon found myself obsessed with learning HTML coding to customize my blog. I literally became an addict; changing my blog every two months.

But it's fun, isn't it?

I really like the colors you've chosen for this blog. Love your new background too!

f1trey said...

very cute! kudos.... I like a blog with some creativity......earth wind and fire? how can you go wrong?

Theresa said...

Well now you have gone and done it! Learned something AND told others you now have a new skill.

You know what that means people will expect more of you ;)


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