Monday, November 16, 2009

I wrote a title, and you can too!

Ten reasons you should take an overnight trip:

1) Hotels and motels typically provide a few choice, free toiletries. Most of us will go anywhere and, yes, pay anything for free stuff.

2) Look around you. You already knew what you were going to see before you did that, didn't you?

3) The internet needs to test your love. Let it set you free so you can come back to it. Only then will it know that you truly belong to it.

4) It's one freaking night. You can even purchase dairy freely without worrying about it spoiling while you're away.

5) You know how the dog freaks out and loses it's mind with joy if you're gone even slightly longer than it's used to your being gone? You know you love it. You know you want it.

6) It doesn't matter how high your resolution is or how expensive your monitor was, you can't really tell how much greener the grass is on the other side unless you go there yourself.

7) There's somewhere within driving distance you've never been.

8) Money was invented to be spent.

9) Some of the greatest adventures known to human kind were undertaken by people who were completely broke.

10) You might meet a magical leprechaun! Yeah okay, but the odds of meeting one do significantly improve when you leave your living room.

BONUS REASON: When you come home you get to log in and find out people have been saying nice things about you behind your back.

People like brndoutw8ress who gave me this:

Which only just happens to be my firstest everest award in my whole blog-life.

And also people like Oh My Goddess who gave me this:

Which is The Goddess Award* Lucky Friday the 13th Edition, and which looked a lot better on her blog because it was all spinny and shiny and cute and stuff but then like every other non-carnivorous thing I get my hands on, as soon as I transplanted it the thing just died. Mine is a nurturing soul, but I've come to accept the fact that if I can't feed a thing meat, it won't survive my care giving attempts.

So the first thingy has a thingy where you have to do a thingy and elect seven more people to do the thingy and I'm not very talented with thingies of that nature, so the right thing for me to do would be to decline that award. No way in hell. It's my first award and I'm flattered and I'm keeping it unethically and that's all there is to it, so, y'know, if anyone's out there sputtering with indignation, you just go ahead and call the blog police now. There's the full confession.

And I'm sorry I killed The Goddess Award, but I will display that corpse with great pride as well.

Anyway I'm right flippin' tickled. These women and their blogs are oh so holy cool, and more often than not I just boggle that people even consider my posts reasonably coherent. Thanks you two, and if I ever figure out whatever the hell it is I did right I'll make sure I keep doing it!


Fragrant Liar said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I love new readers and finding great new blogs to read.

I am due for a weekend trip -- that's TWO overnights. I'm not even going to worry about my dairy while I'm away!

Eva Gallant said...

If you browse my blog, you'll find that I just returned from a 30-day overnight trip!

And yes, I did get free toiletries!

Brndoutw8ress said...

Ha, I read all the way down to the bottom of the post and then blam there's my name! I almost peed myself, well a little bit anyways! And you're very welcome for the award, I'm feeling pretty special being the first one to give you one. display it proudly girl you deserve it!

injaynesworld said...

I really do need to get away. But as the saying goes, "No matter where I go, there I am."

TheFrogBag said...

Hands down, reason number 9 is my favorite. I might just have to take a trip somewhere!

Tamara said...

Love your reasons. I think meeting a Leprochaun might also be more likely if you're overnighting in Ireland ;-)

Well done on the awards. Cute corpses.

Brian Miller said...

i need an over night trip...any of your reaons will do...actually we just did one two weeks ago. it was amazing just to be some where else and explore...


i do love the burned out waitress and i hopped over to the goddess to leave some crib stank

i loved #3 - so true

f1trey said...

all good i just have to scrape up some money!!! hehehe

Captain Dumbass said...

A leprechaun? Cool.

otin said...

I like sending everyone else on the road trip and staying home! LOL

Sandra Evertson said...

I love this and I sure could use an overnight trip to just about anywhere!
Sandra Evertson

cinner said...

Hi, I am new to your blog after you had visited me and offered me some great advice. Your blog is awesome. your titles are hilarious. I am a country girl moved to the city and married a cityboy....I do know what you mean about the rubber boots.Congrats on your new award. If you want sparkly go to Penniwigs, I think I have seen it on there, the directions on how to do that.We are in the same part of the country. Nice to meet you. I am a new follower. Take care.

♥ Braja said...

I adore your award murder. You, dammit, are the goddess of award murdering, and I love you. Hate those bloody things....

I've taken your advice and I'm going away to the Hyatt for a few days. OK I'm lying, I'd already decided to do that before I read this post. So shoot me, and hang me out with the Award Corpse. What a post that would make. I love you more now. Let someone say I don't...I'll kill them. We're corpse accumulating. And I'm not even drinking....

Jason, as himself said...

I especially like #8, there are places within driving distance that you've never been. Yeah!

Kristina P. said...

Can I consider sleeping in my car an overnight trip?

Thanks for visiting my blog! You are a hoot!

Michael said...

I like Reason 3, 6 and the Bonus Reason! I'm not one for the overnight trip, but I am one to perhaps go on vacation for years at a time! The real life gets to be a bit too much sometimes.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

nitebyrd said...

This is the best list of reasons to "get out of Dodge", EVER!

Congrats on your awards. They're well deserved.

OBrien Momma said...

Are you serious? WHO doesn't love a night away? I am drooling just fantasizing about it right now. I have had the oppurtunity TWICE since my triplets were born nearly FIVE years ago. Sane much? No.
Thanks for visiting. Dig your blog.

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