Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This title is... ummm...

Caffeine I decided, I'm not... no... not caffeine... now today. No caffeine, now today. In me. No. There is no caffeine in my body. first ever time no caffeine in me. No more. Coffee isn't no... no coffee is caffeine I'm not... no caffeine. I'm no caffeine. Headache.

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. Headache.


Peregrine John said...

Cold turkey sucks. Metaphorical cold turkey, anyway. The literal kind is stellar on multigrain bread with romaine and this cranberry mustard a local lady makes.


Used to have great pots of the stuff daily. Sudden stoppage (from being unable to get any for a day, for example) hurt like hell, so I figured scaling back to a non-addictive level would be good. It worked fine. Just do it one step at a time. These days I have 1 or 2 cups of tea a day and a max of 2 cups of coffee per week. No withdrawals.

Alicia said...

lol the headache will go away!

scandata said...

Why are you quitting? Coffee is life. Surrender to the bean! Shame they don't make a patch for it. I'd wear them non-stop. Gee, now that I think of it, maybe I should quit too.

tattytiara said...

Thanks so much for the support!

Just Brande said...

I've been informed that since, after all this time, I can go days without caffeine and really feel nothing from it, I might be just a little ADD and the caffeine is merely adding to my deficient brain chemistry. I was a little angry to be told that. I think I'm finally entering acceptance.

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