Saturday, April 5, 2008

This post is not worthy of a title.

I just sent Max out to look for spring.

He was unsuccessful.


t.reel said...

I have a blog here, that I use for some social marketing and page connections. So I can comment here with out the drama of figuring out how LOL

Anyway -- yeah hello -- today is the 7th -- I was working away on the phone and computer, doing a training and I look up and oputside and see a snow tantrum swirling... WHAT?!!

shakes head

I want spring, I want spring, I want ...


Jenn said...

I think I might have an account here.... here's to seeing! I love his face here, he looks all "hey, this white stuff? yea, still here.".

vogolo said...

This is so cute! Dogs can be so funny! I love your animals. We have a golden retriever and we've had her for almost 10 years. She definately has her own personality. This time of year we start having thunderstorms and it's amazing how she knows well in advance that the storm is brewing. I trust her instincts over the weather channel.

Vonda (vogolo)

Tkil said...

tkil from LJ here.

Glad you and yours are still doing well. Mine are all still alive, which I consider a pretty fair accomplishment at this point.

Hope you continue to do well (and that your poor puppy will eventually find spring!)

Chris said...

I'm so glad you directed us to your blog. I've missed you and your awesome pictures of dogs and birds and cats and you :-)

Les said...

Great pic, J.

Peregrine John said...

Peregrine, checking in!

Sam said...

I asked Fred to go and look for spring. He got to about as far as the hallway where he found a box. Jumping in the box, he decided that instead of looking for spring he would build a fort. Later, when I asked Fred where spring was all he replied was "boxes are fun." Thus is the life of my cat I guess.

tattytiara said...

It is so awesome to see you all here! I'm tickled to the point of making embarassing noises and turning funny colors!

Of course part of that is because I crawled into a much smaller box than I probably should have. Never take a cat's advice. I must learn that.

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