Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow - the title's longer than the entry.

Hey! Lookit my sidebar!


Anonymous said...

Love your mini! Very cool :)

The Nature Nut said...

The joy of discovery. I felt the same way when I finally figured out how to add my etsy mini. Looks great!

Beat Black said...

im always stumped when it comes to making new posts, this one is right up my alley. I should give it a try. lol

1337 Art said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my post about my new ACEOs. It makes me happy that you caught the romantic significance of the Invalid.

tattytiara said...

Thanks faeriebecca - I am tickled that it turned out so well. Thank you all for popping by, and you're very welcome, 1137art - I'm always thrilled by innovation.

Sam said...

Hey there,

So guess what? That crazy bastard Peter Noone is back in my life, and this time with an interview! The madness continues at

Mind you, the majority of his answers are pure bullshit, but I feel better about giving him his chance to have a say.

Anyhow, hope your doing well and send all my love to all of your animals. :)


tattytiara said...

Hey Sam! Thanks for the heads up - you know I wouldn't have wanted to miss that. Peter was... not disappointing, shall we say?

I will say this, and I might even do a full post on this if time and brain power allow - although he disappointingly made his point via criticism (of Rolling Stone), he is the first artist that I have speak out in any way regarding the disrespect toward young, female music fans! It's something that's bothered me as long as I can remember, and the numb acceptance of it by society has definitely been what hurts the most.

...and of course I love you for opening the opportunity by acknowledging the contributions a woman like Gloria Stavers has made to modern media, but I should hope you already knew I loved you!

Sam said...

Oh...I am a HUGE admirer of Gloria Stavers. One day I plan to do an article about her. She is easily the den mother of the early days of pop culture.

Did you know she took the famous picture of Jim Morrison without his shirt on and his arms spread out?

I think Peter Noone made a lot of great points - especially as you said, about Rolling Stone, and also about the fact that the legal agreement was between him and Herman's Hermits - all four. Not one guy to use the name for eternity. However, as for his historical facts and his importance I think he got things very wrong. I think he's a total egomaniac, and a real creep.

And you know I love you too - right? :)

Keep on staying in touch.

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