Friday, April 4, 2008

No title is worthy of this post.

The loves of my life. Well, the loves I'm responsible for feeding, anyway.

Allison. I think she's about fourteen now. Old, anyway. Her butt's going bald. Still breaks the speed of sound getting from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Annette. Very close in age to Allison, but has very cleverly decided not to age.

Max. Currently in his tenth year of childhood.

Cynthia. My one and a half eyed shadow. Couple years old and supervising the typing of this post.

Andy. My year old shoulder rider. He was actually just supposed to spend a weekend here being fostered, but Cynthia adopted him.

...and that, thankfully, is everybody!


Aimee Dars said...

Beautiful companions! Love the cat bed!

The Zadge said...

Wow! and I thought I had to deal with a lot of animal poop!

Just Brande said...

glad to see the newest edition.

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