Tuesday, April 1, 2008

But the first of many titles to come.

The true beauty of belonging to an exploded population of species is knowing that whatever you do, no matter how cloth headedly stupid and no matter how heart stoppingly self threatening, that enough people have done it first to have ensured the inclusions of safeguards in the material or object you're handling against the very threat you pose to yourself. So, for example, if you're really stupid or, for perhaps for a better example, legitimately preoccupied by large, important thoughts that are the ear mark of true intellectuals (the two, as I so often have to point out, are often deceptively similar), and happen to put ear drops in your eye, you probably won't go blind or even do serious injury. No matter how screamingly blasphemously it stings. So there'd be no need to, for further example, crawl out of your lovely warm jammies and waste your yummy hot tea and go sit in an emergency ward until it's time to go to work the next morning.

Um, right?

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