Thursday, March 22, 2012

I bet I could finish writing a title in under ten seco

The Twelve Times of Day

1) Coffee time

2) Yell at cars time.

3) Watch the time time.

4) Coffee time.

5) Try to stop watching the time time.

6) Drive badly time.

7) Coffee time.

8) Dinner time.

9) Coffee time.

10) Beer time.

11) Bed time.

12) Get up to pee time.


Gaelyn said...

Need more time.

mythopolis said...

Surely there must be a blog time in there somewhere?!

mamahasspoken said...

My favorite, bed time.

Brian Miller said...

was thinking each of these was 12 times...which would mean it was 48 times coffee...and i thought that seemed a bit low...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Time to pass out instead of going to sleep.
Time to come to instead of waking up.

Pearl said...

Get outta my head.


Loved this. I think you've said it all here.


Audubon Ron said...

I once made-up a song about time, but, I didn't have time to write down the lyrics.

Mark said...

Has anyone ever called you "Special" before? Just wondering!

Unknown said...


Holly said...

Ah, coffee time and bed time. A paradox. But both so cherished.

Tell Cynthia hey!

Hilary said...

I was already crossing my legs and squirming. I'm glad for #12.

Anonymous said...

Stealthily casing the exit time.

That I employ a lot. ~Mary

Deanna said...

I started to say, "what, no bed time..." then looked at number 11. You do need a Time to find time time, though.

Jenners said...

Frankly I'm surprised there is only one pee time in there.

mythopolis said...

"Taking time to make time...telling him he is all mine...the only one who could ever love me was the son of a preacher man...Oh, yes he was! Yes, he was! Yes, he was!"

Secret Agent Woman said...

#12 really bites,

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm too old to yell at cars, and in deference to my blood pressure I just carry on a running monolog about the sheer and stunning stupidity on display. Stuff along those lines. Thanks for stopping by.

River said...

12a; get up to pee again time
12b; get up to pee again time
12c; get up to pee yet again and vow to cut back on the coffee time....

Scott said...

Your life parallels mine!

The "Yell at cars time" especially applies. You've seen that bumper sticker that reads: HORN BROKE, WATCH FOR FINGER? Well, my horn really is broken, so I really do have to roll down my window and yell to wake up drivers ahead of me!

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