Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do not shout this title in a crowded theatre.

Everybody panic! Right now!

A man was decapitated on a bus! Society is going to hell and nobody's safe anymore and I'm traumatized just by thinking about it!!!

Has anyone ever heard of necklacing? It's where you fill a tire with gasoline, hang it around someone's neck and then set it on fire. So popular in some parts of the world the custom even has a name.

But back to the decapitation. Why didn't they check everybody for weapons when they boarded the bus? Why do they even sell knives like... whatever the knife he had was like? Don't they give released prisoners bus tickets? Why don't buses have armed marshals?

Oh hey! Look at the pretty graph I found!

Wow, cars sure kill a lot of people. I wonder how many people have been killed on buses?

Back to the point, though. If you aren't panicking about somebody sawing off your head the next time you take public transportation, you're living in a dream world. If you aren't prepared to sacrifice the majority of your civil liberties to prevent this kind of thing from happening To Innocent People!!! you're just as bad as the nut job who committed this heinous act.

Surely we'll at least take another look at re-instating the death penalty now. If there's one thing that stops people from dismembering sleeping passengers on crowded buses it's the threat of serious legal consequences!

I'm going to go play with my cats and watch the Corner Gas dvds I got from the library now. Come and get me when everybody's sane again. If, on the other hand, Canadians decide to abdicate civil liberties over this, just leave me there.

Oh yeah, and buy my art.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can you feel the heat coming off this title?

I am the love... um... thingy! Of some sort! I don't know what I've evolved into, but suddenly I'm as irresistible around here as a piece of bacon rolled in catnip. That's dandy indeed, but y'know - animals attract by smell, and what attracts them will otherwise repel. I am still bathing regularly, so I'm really hoping it's just my personality. Extra long shower tonight just to be sure, though.

That is if I'm ever allowed to stand up again. You can see how effectively Cynthia immobilizes her prey.

I should not have sat down before grabbing something to eat. I hope she wakes up soon. My scented eraser's starting to make me drool.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hope nobody finds out I stole this title.

Well this pretty picture turned out to be a foreshadowing of doom:

My little darling has discovered his superpower. He can walk through screen windows! No wait, scratch that - I don't think it counts as a superpower unless you leave the screen intact.

Which he does definitely not.

Four in a week he's gone through.

Thanks to the brain trust that is the Etsy forums (thousands of DIY babes at your disposal 24/7 - a highly recommended resource! It should be noted, however, that a large percentage of them are, at any given time, very merrily tipsy. This has only a nominal effect on their intellectual prowess, but be forewarned that any topic of conversation can quickly and without warning lose it's PG rating) I have learned how to DIMyself and repair this damage. I was even tipped off to the existence of Pet Resistant screening which, by god, seems to be resisting my pet!

I've got two windows done so far and today borrowed a ladder from my costume department at work to do the rest. The owner's out of town so I had to borrow it without permission. Would I get it if I asked? Of course! Would he look at me like I was silly for even feeling the need to ask? Definitely!

Do I feel guilty for taking it without permission?

I'm such a dork. Does anyone else ever feel like a thief when they take things that they have standing permission to borrow just because they didn't happen to get specific permission one specific time?

I blame the mean woman at Economy Drugs growing up. The moment you were out of her sight she'd come charging out from behind the counter to find and confront you.

"Are you stealing?"

No ma'am. Just setting fires. I paid for the matches, though. Want to see my receipt?

That old gestapo trained till tyrant gave me a complex, man.

Here's the latest new listing - another ready to hang/cheap to ship original painting on canvas board:

Go here for the listing, or check out the whole shop (recommended!) here:

Thanks for stopping by and please and by all means say hello so I know you were here and can check out your blog too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I found this title written backwards on the window.

Guess what was waiting on my porch to greet me when I let the dogs out a few days ago?


Okay terror might be a rather strong description for a green balloon. You have to admit, though, that it's a damnably unnerving thing to have just inexplicably standing there at eye level.

Especially when it has horrible scrawly eyes topping a cruelly enthusiastic smile.

Add a dash of deflation and it looks like it belongs on a billboard for a children's charity or hospital, at least in the before donation graphic. I took it inside for the cats to enjoy a supervised kill so it didn't wind up down some poor birds throat.

They wouldn't go near it.

Turns out they refuse to kill anything that has the courage to look them in the eye. Apparently it's a matter of honor. I was assured it was nothing to do with cowardice, then instructed to dispose of it quietly and out of their sight. This task was made simple when they all decided to inspect the underside of the sofa en masse.

It is a complete coincidence that I added the gorgeously green painting "Chicken Bubbles" to my Etsy shop this week, but one too serendipitous not to feature:

Actually have a bunch of cool new stuff there, so do check it out, and please and by all means leave me feedback. It's great when people let you know what works so you know to keep doing it!

Thanks for stopping by and bless y'all.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This title just came to me out of a clear blue sky.

Hail yes we had a storm today!

This was what was left once the rain quieted down enough for me to open the door:

Why do I always, compulsively, feel the need to collect hail? I'm lucky the stuff melts, or by this point I'd need to rent storage space to keep it all.

Anyway I do, and wow is it cool when you can scoop a whole bowl full!

Almost looks as though you could dig to the middle and find an enormous spittle bug in there.

Still going to finish the last entry and post the rest of those pics... soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It took me a month and a half to write this title!

I would like to present Mrs. Thor:

I've missed so much excitement. Yes, they built a nest. Yes, they laid an egg. Unfortunately a rehab centre is not equipped for breeding, and the nest was on the ground. The freak very severe, very late winter storm happened (in spring, like winter storms have a nasty habit of doing in Canada) and the egg was not viable. Just not meant to be.

Meanwhile I'm delighted that Thor has a companion. I've been worrying about him since his best bud Jordan died a couple years back. He's a very sociable fella.

I think a big contributing factor to this unexpected fecundity is the amazing environment that the Gs (who run the shelter) have created. The eagles have their very own river now. Not long puddle, river, with running water like.

Another contributing factor is a distinct absence in the environment. I think any critters going to be a lot more likely to try for a family when there isn't someone hanging around that will try to eat your family. The golden eagle finially misbehaved enough to get her own pen.

It's not as big, but after years of cajoling it's clear she's never going to try to fly again anyway. She's happier on her own, time to give her what she wants.

So while I'm sorry I missed the excitement, I'm just glad to come back and find everybody happy.

More happy birds um... tomorrow? The shots are downloaded, anyway, so posting will be sooner rather than later!

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