Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm thinking of firing the elf who writes my titles.

There are a lot of people who don't believe in the power of crystals. They don't think "a hunk of rock" can manifest a human desire. I think implicit in that form of detraction, however, is evidence that most people don't properly understand how to access the manifesting power of crystals.

Yes, crystals are inert. Change happens when things interact. To access the power of crystals to manifest things you have to use your power to change the state of the crystals.

Say I want to manifest something. Let's say something simple, like a glass of iced tea. I go and get my crystals - I have a whole container of them - and select a few for the process. How many I use depends on the results I want. Whether, for example, I want to manifest ice tea only for myself or if I want other friends and loved ones to benefit from the manifestation. I then take these crystals, transfer them to an appropriate receptacle, and change their state.

I'm not talking about any kind of elaborate ritual or extreme force or anything like that. I'm talking something as simple as putting them in water. Allowing the elements to mingle and merge. That's my entire job. The crystals - and the water, the contribution of that element should not be dismissed - do the rest, and literally almost instantly, I have my iced tea.

Now maybe this fantastical process is beyond the ability of our rudimentary little monkey brains to understand scientifically. Perhaps we never will completely understand how it is that crystals are capable of manifesting our desires, but can you argue the results when, to use our example, they consistently manifest ice tea every single time you use them for that purpose?

Granted, so far ice tea is the only thing I've had success using them to manifest, but then I buy all my crystals at the grocery store. I'm sure if you went to a proper crystal store you'd find ones you could add water to and get, like, ponies and sports cars and stuff.

Monday, August 2, 2010

To make a title rhyme, always choose words that... um... drat.

This is very tiny
This is very small
This barely ranks as any
Consequence at all

Why does it feel so heavy?
How can it weigh so much?
Why do I feel so beaten up
From it's slightest touch?

It's not the gravity of the thing
Or force behind it's blow
I wouldn't have noticed it at all
Had it not attacked my ego

I can not will not stand for this!
I am mighty! I am strong!
Your reason has no place in this!
I am right! You are wrong!

Facts? You dare to bring me facts?
I laugh at facts, you hear me?
I will scream and rant and yell
And then your facts shall fear me!

There is no walk away from me
You will hear all that I have said
Even if I have to argue you
Alone inside my head

This evening when I go to bed
I won't give up the fight
I'll lie awake until the dawn
Battling through the night

I just hope you'll learn your lesson
And will finally stop denying
That I am great and you are not
And shut up, I am not crying.

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