Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This title is... ummm...

Caffeine I decided, I'm not... no... not caffeine... now today. No caffeine, now today. In me. No. There is no caffeine in my body. first ever time no caffeine in me. No more. Coffee isn't no... no coffee is caffeine I'm not... no caffeine. I'm no caffeine. Headache.

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. Headache.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's see how I can manage to screw up the title.

Well we've been treated to a four day snowstorm and it's deeper than my dog out there. The dog that stands as high as my waist, I mean, not the ankle biter. That's the same dog that weathered the first two days of the storm with stomach problems. I will never take the ability to use indoor plumbing for granted. Ever.

Now the furnace just quit. The brand new furnace I had emergency installed in February, and already the parts that the shop has on-hand are out-dated! Gotta wait for the warehouse to open tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I have just lost two days of work to the storm - this after six and a half years of never missing work due to bad weather ever - and need to go in tomorrow. I'm sending half my cast to Banff on Friday, and have another show running that night to get ready too. Don't know how this is all going to play out.

My brain did this. My brain was so well trained by my last piece of unmentionable furnace that I've been expecting this one to kick out on me since it was installed. Seriously. Falling asleep at night my stomach would lurch when it ended it's cycle normally. As soon as the situation got as extremely inconvenient as it could be to have a breakdown it happened. I made that happen. Totally. It would appear that today would be a bad one for me to buy a lottery ticket, but maybe it's the perfect one.

Meanwhile the nice guy from the bad company (my responsibility in this mess aside I have totally picked the wrong company to deal with) is out fetching space heaters from their shop to keep it from getting too horrid in here tonight. Bless his heart, he tried everything to jimmy it together.

Before that I posted on Etsy again, finally! Not the best of what I've been up to - I'm building up to that. When you post new things you get the most views for your shop, so it's best to work your way up to your best stuff. I was going to post more today, but then the furnace happened. Oh yeah, and the photo upload on blogger isn't working today either - yep, go ahead and blame me for that too. My pessimism is all powerful today it seems. So here's one of the things that's kept me so busy lately:
That's one of two I posted today. Here's the link to the shop: tattytiara

Loving hearing from you all here, by the way. Now to figure out how to get comment notification happening so I can be aware of it in real time!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maybe I should recycle all the titles from my old blog.

Very good people expressed themselves very honestly to me in very kind and thoughtful ways. Wow. You sure learn a lot when people do that.

I learned that humility can be a very selfish thing. I didn't want to deal with the attention of making a public statement that I was deleting my old journal so I didn't make one. I just deleted it.

Fortunately for me many good people from that community had my e-mail address and were able to communicate to me just how messed up a thing that was to do to people. So I un-did what I had done and wrote an entry and was very gratified by everyone's understanding and whaddayaknow - they knew me. They knew not to go the great galloping goodbye drama route, and whaddayaknow - there was closure for me in their kind good wishes as well. Closure I probably wouldn't have known I'd needed until it was too late had I not been reminded that I had a responsibility to provide it to others. There also were more people interested in keeping touch than I'd even begun to imagine, so there was even a very great reward for learning my lesson.

All that time invested had already paid off, I knew that. I didn't expect the fat bonus at the end, though.

I am so grateful for good people.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

No title is worthy of this post.

The loves of my life. Well, the loves I'm responsible for feeding, anyway.

Allison. I think she's about fourteen now. Old, anyway. Her butt's going bald. Still breaks the speed of sound getting from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Annette. Very close in age to Allison, but has very cleverly decided not to age.

Max. Currently in his tenth year of childhood.

Cynthia. My one and a half eyed shadow. Couple years old and supervising the typing of this post.

Andy. My year old shoulder rider. He was actually just supposed to spend a weekend here being fostered, but Cynthia adopted him.

...and that, thankfully, is everybody!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

See? Here's another title already!

I deleted my Live Journal account. Had the thing for many years, through many huge life events. Met many people that I loved and who changed my life there.

I can not consciously contribute to a bigoted community, though, and that's what Live Journal is.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

But the first of many titles to come.

The true beauty of belonging to an exploded population of species is knowing that whatever you do, no matter how cloth headedly stupid and no matter how heart stoppingly self threatening, that enough people have done it first to have ensured the inclusions of safeguards in the material or object you're handling against the very threat you pose to yourself. So, for example, if you're really stupid or, for perhaps for a better example, legitimately preoccupied by large, important thoughts that are the ear mark of true intellectuals (the two, as I so often have to point out, are often deceptively similar), and happen to put ear drops in your eye, you probably won't go blind or even do serious injury. No matter how screamingly blasphemously it stings. So there'd be no need to, for further example, crawl out of your lovely warm jammies and waste your yummy hot tea and go sit in an emergency ward until it's time to go to work the next morning.

Um, right?

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