Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm just waiting under this chair for the title. It will come!

Kitty to People Translator!

Meow: Hello!

Prrrow: I'm happy to see you!

Meow-ow: Please pet me!

Prrrow-ow: You call this garbage chardonnay?

Me-ow-wow: You're not allowed outside today.

Prrrow-wow: You don't need friends, you have me.

Brrrrow: If your friends loved you they'd understand why you're not allowed to see them anymore.

Mrrrow-ow: Get away from the windows.

Brrreow-ow: Only a sacrifice made with love is pure.

Mrrreow-wow: In movie 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter.

Mew: Dense cornsyrup under more happenings of leafy (garbled).

Prrreow-ow: I want snuggles!

Kitties are SO silly, aren't they?

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