Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'll write exactly half this title and th

I'm not typing this, you know. Well I guess I will be now in the future, but I'm not here in the past. As I arrange these words I'm lying on my side in bed, writing longhand into a spiral notebook with one knee propped up so that Cynthia the One and a Half Eyed Supercat can play tee pee. It's a weird fetish of hers. She likes to spend the first five minutes or so after I go to bed curled up under the arch of one or both of my legs. It's possible she was a troll in a former lifetime. Or perhaps a foot stool.

Who am I to call her fetish weird, though? I reread yesterday's post that I wrote earlier today just before crawling into bed. The post I opened with the statement "I'm not ritualistic". Now here I am yesterday, lying here like I do every night, using one of my ten identical purple pens to empty the extra thinks out of my thought hole into one of my four coordinating fruit themed notebooks so that I can sleep.

Of all places for me to state "I'm not ritualistic" I had to pick my blog? What is diarizing/journalling/blogging if not ritualized writing?

I really like that idea. As soon as you call a thing ritualized it immediately gains ten pounds and gets wrapped in cellophane. Transformed by the magic of romance into a thing of substance to be preserved.

Cynthia just crawled out from under the covers. That's when little Miss Doesn't Have Any Rituals here always puts down her nightly scribblings and tucks in for the night. If the entry continues from here it will be written real time, on the day it's posted.

Okay, it's not yesterday anymore now. At least not until tomorrow. Now I feel all weird, though, like I'm interrupting myself.

Anyway I got all excited about that, you know? I got a ritual! I'm all grown up and deep and stuff. Maybe I should start my own religion? Great tax breaks in that I hear.

Over-excited might be the better descriptor. It's just such a foreign concept to me. I've never joined in or adapted to any non-compulsory, social rituals. Not that I shunned them or anything. Shunning is actually not even nearly as much fun as it sounds. It does sound like it should be a fun thing, doesn't it? Like an old fashioned street game played with barrels and canes or some great old-country invoking domestic art involving yarn. Unfortunately it's just a fancy word that means going off and pouting and not playing with somebody when they won't do things your way. Boring! Screw that.

I just never got voluntarily involved in ritual on any kind of a social basis, let alone emotionally attached. I suppose that's the distinction I was making without seeing. Now there's this whole blog thing, though. It's definitely a ritual. It kind of dances the fine line of a personal vs a social one too, doesn't it?


Tamara said...

I reckon my cat was an office paper shredder in a past life. And the other one was a set of bagpipes.

why purple pens?

kys said...

Blogging is a ritual that has taken over my life. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes not.

Gaston Studio said...

Oh, it's definitely a ritutal in my book and, like you said, both personal and social.
Every morning, I let out my little dog, brush my teeth, put a pod in my Senseo, turn on the computer and put my coffee cup on its warmer because I'm a slow coffee drinker.
Every night, I take my Kindle to bed and read until I feel my eyes closing. Going to bed without a book to read is unthinkable!
Not blogging every morning is just as unthinkable, although one year ago, I hardly knew what blogging was!

Praise to you for actually writing with pen and paper!!

Eva Gallant said...

I guess I'm guilty, too! Of the ritual, I mean. gotta' blog every day!

Ron said...

You said it!

Blogging is both personal and social.

When I first starting blogging it was for more of a personal reason. But over the past four years it has definitely become one of the most enjoyable social mediums for me. It amazes me how many bloggers have actually become close friends.

I've learned more about "communication" through blogging than anything else. It's a ritual I truly enjoy.

Fire Byrd said...

uumm now let me consider this question .... blogging as a ritual, uuumm nah! it's a complusive disorder in my case. A need to communicate my gibberish with an unsuspecting world, just and so someone comes by and pats me on the head and tells me I've been good

and never mind the question of Why purple pens , more importantly why four notebooks?

Brian Miller said...

i think your titles are my cat...i dunno where to begin...

injaynesworld said...

I think for me blogging is more of a habit than a ritual, just because there's no set time that I do it. I like to have a couple of posts a week, if my brain will cooperate, but sometimes all I can do is read and comment, and that's fun, too.

Liza said...

Blogging is definitely a ritual in my life.
This is a marvelous post.
Thanks for sharing.

otin said...

Blogging is part of me being a compulsive person. I treat blogging like I am running a business! I don't know if it is a ritual or an addiction?

gayle said...

I think you probably have more rituals than you think! said...

Does it sound condescending to say I am proud of you?
I wish I was "old" enough or wise enough or mature enough to have a ritual.
Besides that whole licking the doorknob thing...

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I like to think I'm a free spirited kind of boundries, unpredictable. But when I think about it, I realize that I am about as ritualistic and predictable as possible. That's kind of depressing. I need to shake things up a bit.

Traci said...

I just love your writing style. You are so witty. I am the same way. I like to think that I'm all loosey-goosey but without my rituals, I am a mess.

Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

I think you may just be slightly BRILLIANT. Truly.

And my cat was a bitch in his former life. Clearly.

Michael said...

Definitely a personal and social ritual for me. It has also consumed my life.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."
Holy Holism!

Theresa said...


Are you SURE she is not a troll in a cat suit?

I am now convinced Anna is indeed a troll (or a demon) in a monkey suit ;)


secret agent woman said...

I had to think about the ritual oart of this. I typically write my posts in my head but the whole blogging thing has become very central to me.

Organic Meatbag said...

soooo...this post is about soup? Or somethin'? Did I miss a few words?

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