Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It took me a month and a half to write this title!

I would like to present Mrs. Thor:

I've missed so much excitement. Yes, they built a nest. Yes, they laid an egg. Unfortunately a rehab centre is not equipped for breeding, and the nest was on the ground. The freak very severe, very late winter storm happened (in spring, like winter storms have a nasty habit of doing in Canada) and the egg was not viable. Just not meant to be.

Meanwhile I'm delighted that Thor has a companion. I've been worrying about him since his best bud Jordan died a couple years back. He's a very sociable fella.

I think a big contributing factor to this unexpected fecundity is the amazing environment that the Gs (who run the shelter) have created. The eagles have their very own river now. Not long puddle, river, with running water like.

Another contributing factor is a distinct absence in the environment. I think any critters going to be a lot more likely to try for a family when there isn't someone hanging around that will try to eat your family. The golden eagle finially misbehaved enough to get her own pen.

It's not as big, but after years of cajoling it's clear she's never going to try to fly again anyway. She's happier on her own, time to give her what she wants.

So while I'm sorry I missed the excitement, I'm just glad to come back and find everybody happy.

More happy birds um... tomorrow? The shots are downloaded, anyway, so posting will be sooner rather than later!


Gabriel's Aunt said...

Wow, do you run this sanctuary? Amazing!!!!!

tattytiara said...

No heck no! Just a humble volunteer.

Sarah Jane said...

What gorgeous birds! Beautiful photographs. :)

I hope they do get a viable egg.

tattytiara said...

Thank you. If they ever did it would be sure to be a beautiful baby!

Walk in the Woods said...

Wonderful, wonderful work that you and the sanctuary do. Thor is beautiful.

I am delighted that the bald eagle has returned to the wilds of southern New England (with the help of efforts much like yours). I am still thrilled whenever I look up and spot one gliding in the currents . . .

Chris Stone said...

beautiful pictures! i hope to see a baby Thor soon!

t.reel said...

the new enclosure is awesome!


Just Brande said...

so glad to see the birds are back! or... you're back with the birds? or... well, you know what I mean.

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