Monday, July 28, 2008

I found this title written backwards on the window.

Guess what was waiting on my porch to greet me when I let the dogs out a few days ago?


Okay terror might be a rather strong description for a green balloon. You have to admit, though, that it's a damnably unnerving thing to have just inexplicably standing there at eye level.

Especially when it has horrible scrawly eyes topping a cruelly enthusiastic smile.

Add a dash of deflation and it looks like it belongs on a billboard for a children's charity or hospital, at least in the before donation graphic. I took it inside for the cats to enjoy a supervised kill so it didn't wind up down some poor birds throat.

They wouldn't go near it.

Turns out they refuse to kill anything that has the courage to look them in the eye. Apparently it's a matter of honor. I was assured it was nothing to do with cowardice, then instructed to dispose of it quietly and out of their sight. This task was made simple when they all decided to inspect the underside of the sofa en masse.

It is a complete coincidence that I added the gorgeously green painting "Chicken Bubbles" to my Etsy shop this week, but one too serendipitous not to feature:

Actually have a bunch of cool new stuff there, so do check it out, and please and by all means leave me feedback. It's great when people let you know what works so you know to keep doing it!

Thanks for stopping by and bless y'all.


Jen said...

I sent a balloon off just like that from Arizona---do you think it's the same one? Just teasing! How funny!

tattytiara said...

Haha! Y'do have to wonder, though, just how far this thing might have travelled, eh? Could have come from the other side of the Rockies with the rest of our weather!

Victoria said...

What a hoot!
(Puts a smile on my face too, as it made me remember how my dad used to draw similar faces on all of our balloons... I had forgotten about that, thanks!)

Livecreations said...

I wonder where it had been on it's travels...

and maybe it had stopped at yours to say hello and give you the inspiration for your lovely new art :) lol

w said...

balloons scare me. seriously.

i think it was because i was forced to play the "pop the balloon with your bottom" game in preschool.

balloons should be against the law.

tattytiara said...

Know what, Wendi? I haven't popped it and I'm not going to. It's buried under the cans in the recycling bin and there it will stay until it deflates it's own damn self.

w said...

lol. that's right! you let it deflate itself.

wrinkly soft balloons are less scary. still scary. but less.

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