Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do not shout this title in a crowded theatre.

Everybody panic! Right now!

A man was decapitated on a bus! Society is going to hell and nobody's safe anymore and I'm traumatized just by thinking about it!!!

Has anyone ever heard of necklacing? It's where you fill a tire with gasoline, hang it around someone's neck and then set it on fire. So popular in some parts of the world the custom even has a name.

But back to the decapitation. Why didn't they check everybody for weapons when they boarded the bus? Why do they even sell knives like... whatever the knife he had was like? Don't they give released prisoners bus tickets? Why don't buses have armed marshals?

Oh hey! Look at the pretty graph I found!

Wow, cars sure kill a lot of people. I wonder how many people have been killed on buses?

Back to the point, though. If you aren't panicking about somebody sawing off your head the next time you take public transportation, you're living in a dream world. If you aren't prepared to sacrifice the majority of your civil liberties to prevent this kind of thing from happening To Innocent People!!! you're just as bad as the nut job who committed this heinous act.

Surely we'll at least take another look at re-instating the death penalty now. If there's one thing that stops people from dismembering sleeping passengers on crowded buses it's the threat of serious legal consequences!

I'm going to go play with my cats and watch the Corner Gas dvds I got from the library now. Come and get me when everybody's sane again. If, on the other hand, Canadians decide to abdicate civil liberties over this, just leave me there.

Oh yeah, and buy my art.


Kristen said...

Isn't that the worst thing you've ever heard? I heard about it today too, I'm sure we'll hear next that he has a long history of mental illness & has been free to roam the streets.
I feel so sad for the boy he killed & his family.
I'm with you on the death penalty.

I think I might never leave the house again.

Estela said...

omg, I think I may have a nightmare tonight! I'm deeply saddened by this!!! What the heck.

(i love your art!)

Kahoonica said...

I couldn't believe it either!
Decapitated? On a moving bus? In front of people?

tattytiara said...

Well the decapitation, from reports so far, happened after the bus was stopped and cleared and the assailant was locked in. The victim was stabbed dozens of times prior to that happening, though.

Jen said...

WOW!!!! I bet you feel better now! Venting helps, doesn't it!?! It kills me to know that things like this happen in our beautiful world!!! Thanks for opening my eyes.

Peregrine John said...

I would just like to reiterate, at this point, that I adore you. If sanity and reason are contagious, at least your neighborhood should be a reasonable place, if not the whole city just yet.

tattytiara said...

Aw peregrine, you are as always far too kind. It's such a treat to hear from you again! I've got your other blog's url buried in my gmail and have been meaning to dig it out, but I'm just not on-line much these days. Hope you're doing well!

Peregrine John said...

Been doing well, but far, far too busy to actually do anything useful at that other blog... though I keep hoping!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

I have those days too...where I watch the news and then suddenly realize this world is full of crazy killers....just remember that we all aren't crazy and some of us on the bus just want to chat or sit quietly on our way to etsy to buy your art!

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