Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Nothing gets you out of bed faster than the sound of sirens and the smell of acrid smoke. From where my bed is situated I can look out my window at a large, open park located right behind my home. I couldn't see past my fence for smoke.

I have no idea who's place was on fire. From the sound of the sirens it was close, but no uber-close, I don't think. I'd say over a block away.

Nothing gets you started on a day with a feeling of deep, deep gratitude like knowing today was the day for a home in your neighbourhood to burn and it wasn't yours.

Mackie and I found this vision of beauty on our hikes the other day:

So I made this:

Silly creatures. They really just have no idea how to take a bad picture.


Jen said...

Thank goodness it wasn't your home! How scary! I cannot believe you came across that bison on a hike!!! Really? I would be so scared!

-10oneworld on etsy
-Jennifer in real life

Lauren Alexander said...

Holy moly - what a crazy way to start the day.

Cool Buffalo. The school I work at's mascot is the Buffalo. I love it!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm from NYC, I don't want to go to Buffalo, NY much less 'bump' into one...great shot though :D

Anonymous said...

The bison is a wonderfully photogenic animal, if a bit of a diva! ;)

You had a bad way to wake up in the AM though!

Peregrine John said...

Mmm, bison. Fascinating critters, and no mistake. Taken as a sum of parts, not such an attractive animal, but the whole is very nice, thought-provoking, even. Go figure.

My Dad is considering turning many of his photos into cards, a lot like the one you made. I think he's going about it in overly-complicated ways, but there are a pile of ways to do it and I'm not real sure what to advise him to do.

I like yours, though. How was it made, may I ask?

Sam said...

Fire is my worst fear. *shudder*

And you just run into bison? Like all the time? For real?

tattytiara said...

Yep, bison are just part of our day when a hiking we will go. Especially since the pup and I tend to hike when it's cooler and there are less people around. That's when all the critters come out.

...and I hear you loud and clear on the fear of fire thing, Sam. Close second is drowning. Absolute worst is drowning in fire. I don't know how people have the guts to live near volcanos!

As for the cards, peregrine, the best answer is they were indeed made as simply as possible. I found a print to the edge card stock I liked at an office supply store, worked up a template (I use open office, could be Word already had one pre-made) and printed it off. I have completely happy customers with this printing method.

Has your dad looked into Cafe Press? Might be a good place to play with ideas.

scandata said...

Being awakened to fire is indeed scary. On a Thanksgiving morning I was awakened to one IN MY HOME. In a textbook case of irony, my surge protector started on fire. Luckily it made popping sounds as it was igniting, and woke me up before it got out of control (the smoke detector hadn't even caught it yet). I'm just thankful I was there to put it out.

And that's very surprising that the emergency Broadcast isn't bilingual. I guess they assume that everyone listening is already bilingual. Or maybe they figure that everyone speaks English, but not everyone speaks French. What do I know - I'm from that country that other bilingual country - "AMexica."

CherryLaneJane said...

Glad your home is safe and that you got to take this awesome picture of that big beautiful beast! Great pic!

Just Brande said...

I was going to say that the sound that bolts me out of bed the quickest was the doggie wind-up for vomiting. Then I realized that was just rude.

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