Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TAACEOs (Title About Art Cards, Editions, and Originals)

So now that my caffeine free brain isn't busy knitting itself into knots, it decided it needed a new creative challenge. This is what's challenging my brain now: ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals - basically trading cards for art. The only rule is the size - 2.5" X 3.5". Standard bubblegum card size.)

This is Stan's Etsy debut! I've been painting him a lot. He'll show up more, I'm sure, but for his debut I've captured the birth of his cosmic awakening:

This one explains itself, I'd say. The title is "Pure Joy Pup":

Meanwhile, Andy (he of the floating head fame in my paintings, and featured in the last post) appears to have an auto immune disease. Not content with attacking everyone else in the house, he's found a way to attack himself! He's starting steroids tonight. Please anybody reading send healing thoughts - his poor front right paw looks like dried hamburger!


Peregrine John said...

Nicely done! ACEOs are a temptation, for me. If I had time I'd probably be doing all sorts of strange little things in bubble gum card format. Fortunately, I'm safe from having any free time at all for a while.

tattytiara said...

Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement. A friend of mine was light years ahead of the trend some time back and tried to get me into it then. I tried, but the time just wasn't right. Like you I just had too much life going off in too many different directions at once.

scandata said...

My thoughts are with Andy. He looks like such a sweety.

tattytiara said...

Thank you.

Sam said...

Dear Andy.

Eating yourself isn't a good idea. Cannabilisim is bad.

Best of luck,


tattytiara said...

See, this is what I keep trying to tell him. But will he listen to me? No! Maybe he'll listen to you. I'll tell him you said so. Thanks Sam!

Waterrose said...

I just took at look at your other blog...Oh I love it! I am fascinated with birds of prey. I would love to know more about what you do with them.

I love your artwork as well...great job!

tattytiara said...

Thank you waterrose, I do love those birdies. I believe I'll be merging the two blogs into this one, so please and by all means watch this space! I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the bird shelter, but I'm actively trying to pick a day to start going out again. Those critters really help keep me sane.

Giulia Mauri said...

cute little doggie!

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