Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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As every Canadian knows, if you smell burning toast you need to remove all sharp objects from your pockets immediately. Try it sometime. Next time you're out in a tourist destination somewhere, burn some toast. See the people taking off their glasses, loosening their collars and lying down? Those are the Canadians. They are doing this because they are convinced that they are about to have a seizure.

This information was imparted to us by means of a 60 second epic historical reenactment, shown at regular intervals on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation channel for... oh time in the conventional sense has no meaning to Canadians. Let's just go with many moons. Anyway, the purpose of the production was to remind us Canadians what a proud, medical history we have of poking people in the brain to make them smell burning toast. There was also some bit about some surgeon guy who did something with seizure disorders, but mostly it was about poking brains to make people smell toast.

No, not that kind of brain poking.

Every Canadian secretly wants to try it, you know. Next time you're talking to a Canadian and thinking how polite they are, remember that - they're fantasizing about poking you in the brain.

So my point, anyway, is that I've been smelling burnt cotton candy all day, and I'm determined to find the Canadian bastard responsible for it.


Giftbearer said...

Hilarious! I think I'll follow this blog!

cabin + cub said...

That is so funny.... everyone I know always makes that joke when we actually smell burning toast...
We are in Canada after all and looking out for each other.. heehee

Dianne said...

besides making me laugh, this post has me really craving some buttered toast

thanks for your visit :)

Tamara said...

I wonder what the brain pokers would say the smell of burning cotton candy means?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours!

Fire Byrd said...

You should have stopped by here yesterday when I did burn my toast. No Canadians appeared though so I just scrapped it off and ate it!

BLOGitse said...

LOL great posting!
You got a new reader.
Merry SITSmas from Cairo!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My 21 month old tried to stick my finger in his nose yesterday. I love him, but not enough to let him do that.

Karen said...

I lived in Canada for 18 months awhile back and this post just cleared up some lingering questions I've had...

Visiting from SITS! I hope you had a great holiday!

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