Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Express what this title means using only your face.

Workshopping new actors tonight. And me without any heroin. I'm just going to have to mainline caffeine until the whole world melds into one big streaky blur of movement and scream through the thing at 100mph.

Well okay, but it is fun. The first bit, anyway, when everyone arrives all eager and nervous and trying to impress you, and you get to just relax and enjoy the parade of characters.

Three hours later when you just want to confirm their contact information and go home and they won't stop auditioning for you and you're too tired to find a polite way to say no for the love of all that is holy I do not want to see your impression of Jim from Taxi the Ace Ventura ape shittery already got you close enough to being taken out of consideration already that it wears a bit thin.

It's times like that I reach for my mantra:

At least I don't work in the mall anymore
At least I don't work in the mall anymore
At least I don't work in the mall anymore

(and all respect to the good women and men still out there on those recycled air blown front lines).


cabin + cub said...

aw man, that must be had having that many people trying to "audition" for you... i would have snapped.

Indigo said...

We all at some stage in our lives find ourselves auditioning for some thing/some one, whether it be stage or job! We're all trying to be some one, we should start by being ourselves..

I Wonder Wye said...

had to stop by after spying such an exceptional cat photo......the day sounded intriguing/exhausting/surreal......

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